Legacy Art and Gifts welcomes you to our “kitchen” of Polish Pottery. If you have not yet discovered the pleasure of using Polish Pottery, we invite you to start your collection. We know you will not be disappointed! If you already own Polish pottery, we invite you to find a new unique piece for your home from the hundreds of ever changing pieces that we have for sale.
Legacy has been selling the pottery for the last ten years because of its beauty, uniqueness and durability (and maybe because the owner is of Polish descent!) It is a wonderful gift for new brides and home chefs that will be treasured for generations. We have a variety of patterns and sizes available in bakeware, dinnerware, serving pieces, and accessories.

It is safe for use in the microwave, oven and dishwasher. The pottery is lead free and impervious to abrasives. It will not crack or chip easily unlike other stoneware. The clay holds and distributes the heat evenly for even your most delicate baking. Due to the fine clay, high firing temperatures and glaze quality, foods don’t stick and clean up is easy. Traditional colors are mainly cobalt blue, with rich greens, sunny yellows, and deep reds added to some patterns. It is encouraged that the stoneware pieces be mixed and matched with other patterns to create spectacular table settings.

The stoneware is handmade in the city of Boleslawiec which is located in the southwest region of Poland near the German and Czech border. This region has a history of making pottery since the 7th century, and is known for it’s rich local resource of fine, white clay. The skilled artists individually handcraft and hand decorate each piece. They use patterns cut out of natural sea sponges and then stamp each pattern and color individually onto the surface of the pottery. In the early 1900’s the famous “Peacock Eye” decoration became universally recognized as a trademark of the sponge ware of the area. Today’s pottery is still individually handcrafted and hand painted with the same care and pride used over a century ago.


Certified Master artists not only train apprentices but produce “unikat” (unique) or “signature” (artist signed) pieces. These “unikat” pieces have color and designs that are individual to each artist, and they are often limited editions. Many of the artists are graduates of the Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts. The main factory that produces many of these designs is run as a cooperative, with all profits shared by the employees. They are truly collector pieces. Legacy Art and Gifts is known for carrying many “unikat” pieces.

Polish Pottery is a feast for the eyes and a joy to use everyday