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Como Conservatory

Quiet Backwater, Yorkshire

Michael Bond Etchings have been an integral and important part of Legacy since the shop’s opening day. Legacy has the largest collection of his work for sale in the United States. Michael is originally from England, and makes his home now in River Falls, Wisconsin. He still reserves large blocks of time to return to England and draw. He has created a diverse collection of European historical sites and countryside etchings.

Because of his proximity to the Twin Cities, he has drawn and etched numerous scenes of the local Twin Cities area, including many of the parks, historic churches, and other landmarks. Michael, and his wife Laura, display and sell his work nationwide, from January through December of each year, at juried art fairs and gallery shows.

Michael Bond is basically a self taught etcher. An etching is an original print made from an etched plate that Michael has designed and executed. The image is drawn freehand using a pointed tool through an acid resistant coating on a metal plate. When the drawing is completed, the plate is submerged in acid. The acid “etches” the lines into the plate. From there an original print is inked and printed by hand on an etching press. The prints can be done in black or sepia ink, and Michael sometimes adds color to the print through watercolors.

Bart Galle, a pastel painter from St. Paul, has won numerous local, regional and national awards for his art. Bart’s specialty is landscapes of scenes near the northern Minnesota Gunflint Trail and of Hidden Falls/Crosby Lake Regional Park along the Mississippi river in St. Paul, Minnesota. He has painted cityscapes of Dinkytown near the University of Minnesota, Grand Avenue in St. Paul, and Uptown in Minneapolis. Bart is known for his strong composition, dramatic and pleasing color, and his wide range of value that emphasizes light and depth.



Creekside Sentinels II
Andrea Altman is an award winning Minnesota painter. She is known for her landscapes and skyscapes of dramatic beauty. Her paintings evoke an emotional feeling from the viewers. They are vibrant with energy and color, and capture the essence and spirit of nature. Andrea has sold her work in select local and national galleries, juried art shows, and private exhibitions.
Michael Shoop is a photographer from Minneapolis who has been part of Midwest juried art fairs, galleries and private exhibitions for three decades. He is well known for his nature, wild life, and scenic color photography. Legacy features his Minnesota north shore and spectacular northern lights (aurora borealis) scenes. The hours that Michael puts into waiting for the perfect photo of nature is very apparent.

Northern Lights

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